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Aurora J. Taulbee

With the right words and incentives, anyone can be fooled with an idea that is simply too good to be true. But that’s what scams are. They are designed to entice you with their empty promises and sweet words, especially when their procedures and processes sound so simple.

A crowdfunding company, Unifunds is one such company that is constantly questioned over its legitimacy. The company offers solutions and strategies for their Participants to achieve leadership in the market. Other platforms they provide are binary options, stock market, cost-per-lead advertising and mobile apps development.

But it’s no wonder the company is viewed with dubiousness. Many people have mistaken Unifunds for being an Internet marketing company due to their products, all of which are Internet-based. As more and more online frauds start to appear, it becomes tough to know who to trust and who to avoid. So, it is understandable that Unifunds is viewed with uncertainty and suspicion, especially when they are performing well economically.

Their performance since their establishment 10 years ago is considered quite driven. To date, they have held many extravagant gala dinners in Asia and even Europe. Their Participants come from all over the world and have totalled to the thousands with no signs of slowing down.

Furthermore, their platforms are all profiting and performing well while other companies are seeing a decrease in their business growth and performance. Even their preferred shares, or ‘Participate Preferred Share’, that they distribute to their shareholders are increasing substantially in value.

However, it is believed that companies which prosper usually possess a strong vision that they strive to achieve.

The company aims to help their Participants attain a better lifestyle and to fulfill all their financial needs. They also firmly believe in operating their business with integrity and transparency, encouraging open communication with its members.

In all sense of the word, Unifunds seems to be a legitimate company. Unfortunately for all Internet and online companies, fraud claims are a constant problem that they have to deal with all the time.

Even though they faced various internal and external problems, Unifunds seems to continue its progress to achieve a global position in the crowdfunding industry. They are continuously working to achieve their vision of being listed in a major stock exchange by 2022.

All in all, Unifunds is expected to advance greatly in the crowdfunding industry and achieve a solid business growth.